About us

Tuned Rotorua

Tuned Rotorua was formed from true passion towards the sport of Mountain Biking. Putting all of our ideas to paper, brainstorming how and what we could provide from our knowledge through effective skills clinics. For Tuned Rotorua to provide the opportunity for the development of all riders who desire is a satisfaction. Tuned Rotorua highly believe in following your passion and taking opportunities to make your experiences that much better, the small things that make the bigger differences!

What is coaching to us?

Tuned Rotorua define coaching as the personal benefits we can offer that positively impact an individual or groups experience whilst out riding their mountain bikes. Tuned Rotorua focus on our client’s needs and how we will support them to address, achieve and accomplish those needs. With this explanation, we have broken coaching down into four simple words that are easy to remember. Content, Commitment, Continuation and Completion. By following the 4 C’s of Tuned Rotorua Coaching, anything is possible!

4 C’s of Tuned Rotorua Coaching

Our Values


Identify issues or improvement and what needs to change


Repetition builds good habits


Believe to Achieve, Positive thinking and progressive steps to build up


Achievement of the issue

Our Commitment to Safety


A safer learning environment with professional processes for risk & injury management.

We pride ourselves in being one of the few providers with extensive training and certification when it comes to safety and looking after our customers. 

Our Team


Louis Hamilton 

Coach / Guide 

Mountain Biking has been Louis’s passion ever since his trainer wheels days and to this date, he has not once looked back. Growing up in Rotorua riding mountain bikes has given Louis life experiences he will never forget, travelling the world, competing on the world circuit and along the way meeting a lot of awesome people. Being able to share the knowledge, skills and techniques he has learnt over the years, coaching riders who desire the same passion and interest, give him an extensive amount of satisfaction with visual improvement and development of their riding abilities. Louis has the ability to determine the best approach to progressing your riding to the next level in one of the greatest mountain biking environments in the world and know how to encourage, build confidence and support clients in a non-pressured environment whatever your skill level or ability may be.

Ashley Bond

Marketing / Bookings

Ashley was introduced to the sport of Mountain Biking through her Motocross racing background. Growing up around two wheeled bikes and dirt tracks, Ashley has adapted her Motocross riding skills and techniques into riding mountain bikes. This has seen her successfully compete at a national and international level from her MTB experience’s and knowledge of progression. She has a very creative and positive mindset to providing opportunities and has a great passion towards women getting involved in mountain biking, through Ashley’s experiences of learning to ride a mountain bike, she has the ability to identify beneficial changes and amendments to enjoy your ride much more!

Development Riders


Ben Mexted

Downhill – U15 Rider

Ben is 11 Years old and based in Hamilton, New Zealand. Ben has had one NZDH season of experience and was also the youngest rider to have competed in this series.  As Ben was unable to race the 2019 UCI National Events in 2019, he will be using the upcoming NZDH Series to prepare for the 2020 season. We will be assisting Ben along the way with coaching to help him work towards his goal of a podium finish in the U15 category. 

Isaac Doell

Downhill – U17 Rider

Isaac is 16 Years old and based in New Plymouth, New Zealand. Isaac competed in his first Downhill event in 2018, following the NZDH Series. With results improving throughout these races, and some close podium finishes – Isaac will be looking for consistent finishes in the U17 Category for the 2019/2020 season. We will be assisting Isaac along the way with coaching to help him achieve this.